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Protection Plan
“à la carte”

The annual maintenance of your heating and air conditioning system will ensure maximum efficiency, energy savings and will also prolong the lifespan of your equipment. A Norco protection plan includes an annual inspection and tune-up, 24-hour emergency service, and replacement of defective parts.

We install and repair the following equipment:

  • Oil, Dual Energy*, and Electric (warm air and hot water) central heating systems. *Tune-up every two (2) years only for certain dual energy equipment
  • Oil-Fired Water Heaters
  • Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps (central systems only)

“Labour Plan” Protection Plan

Includes the annual maintenance, excluding parts.

Dual Energy Conversion

We are accredited by Hydro-Québec for converting homes from heating oil heating systems to dual energy. Whether it is a central warm air or hot water (radiators) heating system, we have the expertise to carry out the conversion.

Dual energy conversions are eligible for the Hydro-Québec preferential DT rate

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Electric Conversion

Our all-inclusive service will make your transition from an oil heating system to electricity as smooth as possible thanks to our team of experts. Electric conversions are eligible for the following programs:

The Heating with
Green Power subsidy:

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The RénoVert
tax credit:

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Electric Entrance
and Panel

If the electrical capacity of your home is insufficient to accommodate a conversion to dual energy or to electricity, you will require an upgrade of your electrical entrance to 200, 320 or to 400 amps. Our technical support team has the expertise to upgrade the electrical capacity of your home.

Above Ground Oil Line Installation

If your existing oil line that runs from the oil tank to your heating oil equipment is above ground with visible rust, and/or greenish discoloration (oxidation), or is underground, we recommend the installation of an above ground oil line. This will comply with new building code requirements and help you avoid a potential oil leak.

Propane delivery

Thanks to a partnership, Énergies Sonic can now install propane tanks and provide deliveries to Norco customers. Whether it is for a propane fireplace, cooktop, pool heater, water heater or barbecue, you can count on Sonic’s safe and reliable delivery service to meet all your propane requirements!

For propane delivery service, contact Sonic by telephone at 1-800-207-6642 or by email:

(for Heating Only)

Our technicians are qualified for plumbing repairs such as circulating pumps, expansion tanks, mueller and zone valves.

Air Duct

Cleaning and disinfection of the air ducts will improve
the air quality in your home.