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Designed to withstand our coldest winters, we offer renowned brands that provide a warm, comfortable and secure environment.

Electric Conversion

The ecological choice

  • Electric Furnace and Electric Boiler
  • Electric Air Handler combined with a Heat Pump or a Central Air Conditioner
  • Electric Water Heater (40 and 60 gallons) – option to purchase or to rent
  • Electric Entrance: new electric panel with automatic circuit breakers (modification to 200, 320 and to 400 amps)


Electric conversions are eligible for the Heating with Green Power and the RénoVert tax credit programs.

The advantages of heating with electricity:

  • Heating equipment requiring little maintenance
  • Quiet and clean operation with maximum energy efficiency and no greenhouse emissions
  • Elimination of any risk of contamination by removing the oil tank
  • Removal of all forms of combustion equipment from the premises (chimney use no longer required)

Why choose Norco to carry out
the electric conversion?

  • One call for the entire conversion process
  • Each step of the conversion is supervised by Norco’s team of experts
  • We comply with all the building code and safety requirements. These standards enhance safety and maximize the durability of the work and equipment.

The entire conversion process is done by our qualified experts

Our team will:
1. Survey the premises to determine the proper capacity of the electrical system
2. Install the appropriate electrical entrance to support an all-electric heating system (if the current electrical capacity is insufficient)
3. Remove the oil furnace
4. Install the electric furnace
5. Replace the oil-fired water heater with an electric water heater (if necessary)
6. Pump out the oil
7. Remove the tank, the outdoor fill and vent pipes and block the holes.

Applicable to central warm air and hot water radiator systems – does not apply to homes converting to electric baseboards.

Dual Energy Conversion

The most economical

Dual Energy Heating System:

  • Electric Add-On Plenum Heater (combined with an oil furnace)
  • Electric Boiler (combined with an oil-fired boiler)
  • Heat Pump (combined with an oil furnace)

The dual energy program is a heating concept unique in its kind! You heat with electricity at a preferential rate when the outdoor temperature is warmer than -12 ºC. The oil heating system takes over when it is colder than -12ºC. However, given the fact that cold snaps only occur occasionally, the preferential DT tariff is the most economical choice by using the right energy source at the right time.

SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS: Heats with the most economical energy source
ADAPTABLE: The dual energy program also applies to heat pumps
ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: Reduces greenhouse gas emission

For over 25 years, Norco has been accredited by Hydro-Quebec to carry out the conversions from heating oil to dual energy

Eligibility for Hydro-Québec’s Preferential DT rate:

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Electric conversions are eligible for
a subsidy and a tax credit

The Heating with Green Power Program

You can download and complete the heating with Green Power subsidy application form:

View the form
  1. Send the heating with Green Power application in addition to attaching a heating oil and Hydro-Québec statement to:
  2. You receive a notification via email that they have received your grant application
  3. You receive an email confirmation that you are eligible within the following weeks
  4. Once you receive that confirmation, we can proceed with the conversion.

For more details regarding the Heating with Green Power program:

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Oil tank

Norco complies with the highest standards in the industry

  • All our heating oil tank models comply with the standards required by building code and home insurance companies
  • Choice of double bottom, double-wall and fiberglass tanks for added environmental protection
  • Above ground oil lines are also installed if necessary
  • Indoor and outdoor installation
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The versatile solution

Thanks to a partnership, Énergies Sonic can now install propane tanks and provide delivery service* for your propane equipment such as a fireplace, cooktop, pool heater, water heater and barbecue.

The advantages of heating with propane:

  • Competitive prices in comparison with other energy sources
  • Clean energy, safe and accessible in areas where natural gas is unavailable
  • Renowned for its versatility to supply fireplaces, cooktops, pool heaters, barbecues, water heaters, and even propane heating systems (main or secondary heating sources)
  • The rental of a propane tank, the free installation and the delivery of propane can all be done with Sonic

*In regions where propane is available.

A propane fireplace offers an ecological solution for replacing a conventional wood fireplace which will no longer be admissible in the Montréal area after October 1st, 2018

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For propane delivery service, contact Sonic by telephone at 1-800-207-6642 or by email: