To stay cool all summer long, there is nothing better than an air conditioner! But between a heat pump, a central air conditioner and a mural air conditioner/heat pump, which one is the best choice? First rule: never buy an air conditioner by impulse.  Second rule: Consult with the experts to help you choose an air conditioner that will provide you with all the comfort you need, even during the worst heat waves. With norco’s all-inclusive service, we have the experience and expertise in residential air conditioning to help you make the right choice!

Heat Pump: The Best of Both Worlds!

A heat pump is adaptable to all central warm air heating systems. When combined with a central warm air oil furnace, it provides central air conditioning during the summer and heating during winter in dual energy mode when the temperature is warmer than –12ºC. The oil furnace takes over when it is colder than –12ºC. Whether in heating or in cooling mode, a heat pump benefits from Hydro-Québec’s preferential dual energy DT rate.


Eligibility for Hydro-Québec’s Preferential DT rate: Click here

A heat pump can also be combined with a central warm air electric furnace which will reduce the cost heating with electricity. A heat pump in heating mode uses much less electricity than with a conventional electric warm air furnace using heating elements.

The central air conditioner: practical and useful

If you have a central warm air furnace equipped with air ducts, a central air conditioner provides a comfortable cooling solution throughout your home by using the existing central air ducts. An outdoor compressor is installed with a cooling coil inside the main air duct of your existing furnace. Regardless of the indoor living space, we can easily install a central air conditioner that will meet the cooling requirements of your home efficiently and quietly and all this, at a very reasonable price!

The mural air conditioner/heat pump for superior comfort and hassle-free installation

You wish to cool only certain rooms of your home? Do you wish to cool your entire home, even though there are no central air ducts? You live in a condo?
You do not wish to obstruct your window with a portable unit? The mural air conditioner/heat pump is the best choice to help you spend a cool summer without having to spend a fortune! Furthermore, it has a heating option that provides supplementary heat.

The mural air conditioning/heat pump unit is equipped with two distinct parts: the outdoor compressor and the wall mounted cooling unit. The advantages of this cooling system are many:

  • Quiet outdoor compressor that can be installed anywhere (balcony, outdoor wall or even on the roof)
  • A system that can be equipped with one or several compressors and multiple wall mounted cooling units for added comfort throughout your home
  • Quiet and attractive interior wall mounted unit in harmony with the overall interior decor
  • Easy and quick installation
  • User-friendly remote control
  • Versatile unit providing a backup source of heat
  • Energy efficient for low cost cooling and heating
  • A good compromise in comparison to a portable window unit
  • Best quality/value ratio

Choosing the best air conditioner

No need to search front, left and center to choose the right air conditioning model, you can trust our team of experts to consider all your air conditioning requirements:

  • The indoor space where you wish to add air conditioning
  • The location and the amount of windows
  • The insulation factor of your home
  • The property features (heating system, dual energy -heat pump, cathedral ceiling, solarium, basement…)
  • The amount of BTUs needed for optimal comfort

Whether it is a heat pump, a central air conditioner or a mural air conditioner/heat pump, you can count on our team of specialists to help you choose the right equipment. We offer quality, energy efficient and affordable brands that will go a long way in keeping you cool all summer long.