Payment options

Les Huiles Norco offers you a wide choice of payment terms to suit your specific needs:

Directly through your financial institution
By telephone (through your financial institution)
By internet (through your financial institution)
By mail
Pre-authorized payments: With Norco’s budget plan you can spread your payments over 10 months and more easily plan your expenses. Before the start of the heating season, we will estimate your annual heating costs and recommend a monthly installment amount. You choose which day to make the payment. The budget plan is free, there are no interest charges. At the end of the season in July, we will refund any overpayments, or request that you pay the balance, if any.

For equipment purchases Norco offers a wide choice of payment terms:

  1. 0% financing* with no down-payment on all payment plans of 12 months or less.
  2. Flexible 24 to 60 month payment plans at a competitive interest rate**, with no down-payment.

*Subject to credit approval. **Interest rate subject to fluctuations.