Electric Conversion

Receive financial assistance with Heating with Green Power program

Norco’s all-inclusive service will make your transition from oil to electricity* as smooth as possible! Electric conversions are eligible for the heating with Green Power and Rénovert programs.

Green Power program
Rénovert program


  1. Survey the premises to determine the proper capacity of the electrical system
  2. Install the appropriate electrical entrance to support an all-electric heating system (if the current electrical capacity is insufficient)
  3. Remove the oil furnace
  4. Install the electric furnace
  5. Replace the oil-fired water heater with an electric water heater (if necessary)
  6. Pump out the oil, remove the tank, the outdoor fill and vent pipes
  7. Block the holes once the pipes are removed

*Applicable to central warm air and hot water radiator systems – does not apply to homes converting to electric baseboards.